The 16th Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS), IAIN Lampung November 1-4, 2016


Indonesian Islam has a long and dynamic history, with rich values, traditions, and experiences. It is the most populous Muslim country in the world which represents the most pluralistic and multicultural society. It has been widely acknowledged by many observers as a society with unique character and IS featuring moderate, peaceful and tolerant Islam. It has proven itself as the melting pot for various ethnic and religious groups and a fertile ground for the reconciliation between Islam and modernity, Islam and democracy, Islam and human rights, as well as Islam and multiculturalism.It has sustained unique Islamic character and identity through long ideological, political, economics, social, cultural, and religious interaction with monarchism, colonialism, secularism, separatism, and radicalism. 

It is in the light of its unique features and rich experiences that Indonesian Islam has continuously been contributing to the development of national, regional, and global cultures. At national level, Indonesian Islam has been the main source of Indonesian national character building. At regional level, particularly in Southeast Asia, Indonesian Islam has been the main platform for regional solidarity and cooperation. At global level, Indonesian Islam has provided the global community with a non-Arab or non Middle Eastern Islam. Indonesian Islam has a good record in the past, a workable identity for the present, and a promising features for the future of world civilization.

The contribution of Indonesian Islam to the world civilization needs to be deeply and thoroughly explored, discussed, conceptualized, and promoted, to develop better understanding, comprehensive explanation, effective dissemination and accurate prediction of its history and the future of its contributionto the world civilization. This is to assure Muslim leaders and their counterparts that Indonesian Islam has the potentials to play strategic role in mantaining democratization, peace, and harmony, as well as increasing prosperity at national, regional, and global level. Better understanding of the contribution of Indonesian Islam to the world civilization will convince the world community that Islamic values and tradition are among key ingridients for better future of world civilization.

Muslim scholars need to use their best knowledge and expertise to explore various aspects of Islamic values and traditions that are living in the dynamic history and development of Indonesian Islam, so that they can provide global communities with better understanding and explanation of the distinctive features and experiences of Indonesian Islam. They can convince the world community that Indonesian Islam is part of the solution, not part of the problems of the contemporary world civilization.

The 16th AICIS is an international academic forum that widely opens and provides opportunities for observers, researchers, and writers of Indonesia Islam from many academic instituions in many countries, to introduce, share, and promote their works, in order to develop strong and relevant references for better understanding and explanation of the contribution of Indonesian Islam to the world civilization.

Better understanding, comprehensive explanation, and accurate prediction of the contribution of Indonesian Islam to the world civilization is required for Muslim countries as well as their counterparts, to develop better and realistic vision for future agendas, perspective, and leadership for Indonesian Islam. Such understandings and explanations will allow Indonesian Muslims and their counterparts to develop equal, proportional, and beneficial relationship. Better understanding and explanation of the features and experiences of Indonesian Islam will convince Muslim leaders and communities that Indonesian Islam can play important role in handling contemporary problems faced by global community. Such understandings and expalantions will nurture better appreciation and respect for Indonesian Islam.

Over all, this 16th AICIS is expected to push the development of better research and careful observation on the legacy of Indonesian Islam and its contribution to various aspects of the world civilization, in order to strengthen academic interests and attract more academic attention on the study of Indonesian Islam among national and international scholars.



Papers submitted to the 16th AICIS may focus on specific issues related to the following sub-themes:

  1. The Contemporary Development of Islamic Thoughts(on the Qur’an, Hadiths, theology, jurisprudence, philosophy, and sufism).
  2. The Dynamics of Islamic Institutions (in the areas of education, court, philanthropy, humanitarian, economics, civil society, religious organizations, and mass organizations).
  3. The Heritage of Islamic Tradition(in the light of local wisdom, religious and ethnic diversities, manuscripts, and literature).
  4. The Interface between Islam and Globalization (with regard to radicalism, terrorism, democracy, gender, human rights, multiculturalism, and environment).
  5. Islam, Science, and Technology(in relation to the concept of knowledge integration, philosophical and practical relevance, technological innovation, local wisdom, and technological applications for living).
  6. Area Studies (with special attention on Islam in Malay world, Islam as Majority in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, and Islam as Minority in Europe, America, Australia and Asia).

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